Bullying in University?

Well, this may be a different topic, but I really need to express my feelings somewhere.
  Today I was a small victim from bullying and I didn't like it, like we all do when we suffer it, and i thought that it only happend in school ( primary - maybe I don't know - and secondary ), but I was wrong.

I'm 19 years old but, i'm not like other girls. I'm a little taller than the others - some may say that I have the "model height"- I'm 185 cm, or 6 feet tall. 
So, I was walking around my University and I heard some nasty things about me ( I had my earphones on and I turn down the music to hear what they were saying) and I almost cried.
   Some of the comments were about my height and about my body, and because I was wearing some boots with a little bit of high heels ( maybe 2 cm). I know that I'm not perfect, nobody is, but saying mean things to ther human beings is just the worst. 
  Last year, when I was on my freshman year, I was almost rejected by my own course. I didn't know why but I started to realize that not all of them really liked me. I was almost alone because one of my best friends from that course started to quit  - she wanted a different course so she didn't go to the classes and stayed at home/library studying fot the exams to enter - and I thought that I didn't had anyone to talk to.
  This year I'm still having the same problems -  I changed course - but it's not like last year. I have some colleagues that are really amazing and others that just don't talk to me. I really try to get over it but sometimes it just doesn't work.
  Sometimes I write on a notebook all my negatives thoughts and rip the pages - when they are too depressive - and burn them  - with caution! - to release those thoughts.
But, besides all of that negative thoughts, I'm happy because I'm studying what I really want, have some really awesome friends that support me no matter what and that's what I enjoy about all of this. I hope that it stays this way :)

If you have some problems with bullys or when people just say really mean thins about you, your appearance or something like that, talk to someone to help you. Don't be quite and say"It will be over soon" because sometimes it doesn't and may be worse not doing anything. I suffer this problem since I was 15 and it really made me sad - I even thought about cutting myself to forget the pain and do worst thing to myself. I always wanted to be someone that I'm not and maybe I'll ever will, but I try hard to not have a 100% change about me and change about 10% over the years. 

Be who you are and don't ever change for those who don't deserve your attention and love. Just love those who really love you and don't make fun of you.

Kisses! :*


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