Youtubers that I look up to

Hello! :D

Today I'm going to tell about some Youtubers that inspired me in life (and they still do).

I watch a lot of Youtubers like Smosh, Pewdiepie and CutiepieMarzia, Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil, Jacksgap, Tobuscus, Zoella280390, and others.. But today I'm going to talk 
specifically about the females Youtubers that I really look up to.

The first on is CutiepieMarzia. 

She inspire me in the "Fashion Way "- did it make sense? :OO - because I like her videos about fashion style. She makes good videos and I even tried, on Halloween, to use her idea of "Bloody Mary". Her fashion trends are really good and that's why I'm inspired by her. She is truely amazing! :) And she also dates the most awesome Youtuber ever - Pewdiepie ( almost in 16 million bro's! we're are the best! ;p). Her dogs are just the cutest thing ever *w*

Then there's Zoella280390.

Now, I started watchin Zoella about 2 months ago (maybe..?) and I immediately loved it. I'm "in love" with her newest fashion video "Autumn LookBook" ! It's just perfect! The other thing that I like in her videos is that you can tell that she loves what she's doing and that she knows what she's talking about. She has confidence and I really look up to that. Her fashion sence is just amazing and her videos are just amazing and hillarious :3 She also inspired me because her dreams begun in a simple blog and now she has an amazing job, she just won an Award and more stuff! She is truly inspiring *.*

The last one is Kalel Kitten.

  Now Kalel inspires me in a different way. She also inspires me in fashion but, because of her new channel with Anthony Padilla (from Smosh), in some of their videos she told how dedicated to her work she is and how she is doing what she always dreamt and this inspired me to accomplish my dreams and that's what I'm doing this year. The start of my dream may be near.


  What I meant with this post is that we all have people that insipre us - maybe a relative, or a musician or a celebrity - and we look up the because we may see something that we would like to be or accomplish is some way or another, and we start to feel happy when we start to see some results in our personal life. I'm starting to be really happy because I'm studying what I really love, I'm at the University that I always wanted ( since last year, I'm in me second year but chancge course) and I'm making new friends that I really like.
  To finish, I'm going to say that I'm going to be posting new blogposts at every Monday and every week will be a different topic. I have a notebook full with some ideas and the dates that I'm going to post :p

Kisses! :*

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