Merry Christmas! ❄ ❄ ❄

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

 I hope that you're having an awesome and happy Christmas! I know I am! 

I just spent the entire day with my loved ones and it was really amazing. Spending time with them is the most important part of the Christmas Spirit :)

      Even thought that in Portugal, this year, we're going throught a tough time  - because of a big economic crisis, there's no money for luxurious presents and a huge amount of them, this year I decided to be creative and do my own gifts because in this way, they will have more meaning and I'm sure that they will love.
      I gave my mother and my brother a painting drawn by myself and they loved-it. My brother likes to study alligators and he loves to cook, so I drew him an alligator cooking in a huge pan - cartoon style - and for my mother I drew her also a cartoon but a version of herself.

The message that I want to leave here is: 

"In Christmas, don't spend money, just your own creativity"

Have a Happy Christmas everyone! :)

Kisses! :*

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