My Dream Career

Well Hello! 

First of all I just wanna say sorry for being late. I'm posting this now because I've been occupied with University stuff that my week was completely stressful that I almost did't had time to breath.

      Today I'm going to tell you about my dream carrear. When I was younger, my dream was to became a professional singer - yeah right xD -. Then, when I was groing, my dreams were groing with me and I started to grow a huge love for animals.

      Since then, I want to work with them and study their behavior. I want to become a Biologist. That's why I'm studying Biology and Geology in the University. 

       My brother is also an inspiration for me, because he also is a Biologist - he's finishing University and his study is about alligators -, and I think that was also the trigger. 

        When I finish my education, I want to go to a foreign country to study mammals - I'm still deciding which genders because I really like foxes, but I also like raccons and pandas and many others :\ .

       I'm studying really hard to accomplish my dream and I think that we can do what we want if we just work a little harder and have that "magic powder" (aka inspiration) to help us :)

So, follow your dreams because who knows, maybe you're the next awesome and amazing scientist or president or astronaut :p

Kisses! :*

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