A Whole New World!


Today was a very exciting day! I finally got my contact lenses! *.*

    I wear glasses since 8th grade (2008/2009) and I tried to use contact lenses (2 years later) but i didn't use them a lot because my myopia was increasing really fast - i have to confess that in those days I hated the fact that I had to wear glasses for school and I didn't like to see myself with them so I didn't use them as often as I should. 
   I've always refused the glasses because I couldn't use sunglasses and when I would go to the beach and I went for a swim, I had to leave them in the spot and go blind to the water. 

But now! I can wear sunglasses and it's also way for me to start to use a little make up again ( when I wear glasses I don't like it because I think that doesn't look good). 

For the next post, I'll show my "Daily Make-up" which is the make up that I started to use :p

Kisses! :*

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