2014 started just a few days ago and I have to say.. It's great to start a new year! Right? WRONG! For me it means that I have to take an exam for all the subjects from the first semester and I don't want to , because it gives me a lot of stress and anxiety and it's a little hard to deal with.
  I'm taking in University "Biology and Geology" and since I was dealing with physics last year it's a little bit harded to handle because it's a little chock in the way that even though that I'm in the course that I wanted it's a little hard to concentrate 100% when I almost didn't spent this much attention for subjects that were horrible and really dificult.
  I have 3 exams: 1 of them is for final, the 2nd didn't go very well, and the other I will try my best to get a grade that can pass me in the subject and, for that I have 3.5 days to accomplish and I hope that luck may be in my side.

If you have the same problem as I am, have really good luck and that you can succeed in your exams and trials!

I'm going to stop writting this because I have to study! :P

Kisses! :*

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