Fantasy World


This blog title is the name that I wanted my blog to be called. But, since my tumblr already has that name, I wanted to be different. Here the story behind the name. 

 I've had a lot of time to think about a subject that is happening very frequently in my life. I have an imagination that can make me have the most stupid, funny and strange dreams.
 Have you ever thought what would happen if you didn't have your life or how great your life would be is you could be that person that you really like? Well I have them a lot and I'm going to explain why.

  One day back in 2010, when I was in school, the psychologist asked me if I ever stopped what I was doing and started "day dreaming" - this means, for example: when waiting to enter the class room, I stopped for a couple of minutes and starting to dreaming about something - and I said no, because I really didn't had ''day dreamings''.
  Last year, I started to listen to music everytime before bed and I started to create some stories almost everyday which, sometimes, would be different if I wanted because I could control these "dreams". Since then, my dreams are always strange, don't making any sence and hillarious sometimes. I can't control my own dreams - people can control them when they realise that they're dreaming - but I wish I could.
  These "dreams" happen because I wan't to think that I could be with that person or be a different human being because I don't always like our lives and wish that something could be different.

"Fantasy World" is the name that I have to explain these facts about my life. I always live in a fantasy world, the world that I always wanted to live because I wanted to have more happiness in this life of mine. But, I know that that's now possible and try to live my own to the fullest.

Do you have the same situation has me? Want to live a life that you can't so you escape to a World there your dreams are the Kings and Queens? If you want to share it with me, be my guest :D

Kisses! :*

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