Products I use on my Hair


Today I'm going to show you my Top 3 favourite products to use on my hair to make it curly and wavey.

The first product Curl Mousse from Syoss Professional Performance and has a strong hold - which is a perfect thing for curly hair because when it has that glue aspect it just ruins everything. I normaly use it in a night out before drying my hair. 

 The second product is Garnier Fructis Style Hidra Caracóis ( hidrated curls I belive that is the translation :x) with a strong hold. I use it daily after the shower and before drying it ( the heat expands the curly effect which I really like it).

The third and last product is Herbal Essences Silky ends for curly hair. I like this product because it helps the hair preventing doble pointed hair ends which is a pain in the ass ( sorry for the expression), because then we have to go to the hairdresser and cut them and for those who wants to have a longer sucks - but! I read in some blogs that cutting the ends of a hair "activates" the hair to grow a little more - 

So, these are the products that I use for my hair and I really love them. They are amazing and leave my hair really smooth and with a lot of curls and waves which I really like :3

Kisses! :*

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