It's been forever since I've posted. I had been with exams and in my birthday, my computer decided to simply die .__.  I only got another today. I've realized that even thought that it had almost been 2 weeks without it but it was a little strange don't having my own PC and I survived WHORRAY! Our generation is starting to be really addicted to technology and most teenagers can't live without their pc or mobile. I most definitly couldn't also but whis past few weeks gave me a lot of time to focus on the important things like stuy for exams, and be with my mother without my computer in front of me with my Facebook / Twitter / Youtube page on, and it felt nice.
 Now, I'm in my University break and I have a LOT of free time to catch up on series and movies which makes me really happy :D
 I'll be posting sometime this week :b

Kisses! :*

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