Happy Pancake Day!


Happy Pancake Day! 

 Here in Portugal we don't have the costume to celebrate pancake day but, because I'm such a pancake lover I had to write about my passion. I starded my day with one pancake BUT i'm endind my afternoon with another pancakes with my bestfriend - she's coming to my house to have a snack before dinner as we do almost everyday. And since is Pancake Day, we're eating a lot of them and be delighted all day long.

 I wish that I could have pancakes almost everyday for breakfast but, since I don't have a lot of time in the morning I can't, so I have cereals in the morning and sometimes have those delicious pancakes in the weekends.
 Another thing that I love and just found out that has a day is Waffles! *waffles..NHAM* I'm sad that Portugal doesn't spread the words about these amazing days so that all of us can have delicious meals every now and then.

Have an amazing Pancake Day! 

Kisses! :*

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