After Easter!


Have you had a good Easter? I had :)

These past few days have been for relax and spend time with the family. But it doesn't mean to leave the beauty and fashion behind. With this I mean that I've acquired one of the most symbols of today's fashion: Converse All Star shoes.

The other day was passing the stores and noticed that there was a sale on shoes and saw the white Chuck Taylor's All Stare on sale! As you may all know these shoes are the most famous and gorgeous shoes and are a fashion symbol. I've always wanted these shoes but never had the opportunity. I've reached my goal and been loving them.

They look good with everything I own and are simply beautiful. I've never been so proud of me when I had them on my feet. Just amazing! I think that these model of Converse are the most famous and wanted by almost everyone on the planet. They really are amazing and confortable. I enjoy them a lot. Best decision  I ever made.

Kisses! ;*

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