Procrastination and Anxiety


Today I wanna talk about anxiety that may be caused by procrastination.

  Me and almost everybody ( I think ) on thi generation have, at least, 3 things in common: Sarcasm, Lazyness and Procrastination. The thing is the first one is a good quality in our personality but the second and the third one don't.

   I'm almost a professional procrastinator ( I should be studying but here I am writting about it ) and lazy because I always just wanna sit on the sofa and lie there for hours and hours and sleep for hours and I just don't wanna be like this anymore because it gives me anxiety. I'm living in a vicious circle.

   Since I'm in University I have a lot of work to do and a lot to study, and I just wanna watch movies, series, youtube videos and play games all day. Now here's the problem: because I leave all the work for the last minute, I get in a LOT of stress and be so anxious that I just panic and cry ( when I'm at home) because I know that I can do better and still, I just wanna do nothing. Anxiety is just the worst things because it can make you feel like crap and puts you in the wordt mood ever - you just want to be alone, don't talk to anyone and be alone with your thoughts and tears ( at least with me). 

   The other day, I had an exam and I didn't prepare myself as I should of and I started to feel an anxiety attack but I struggled not to have one and I did the exam. When I came home I started crying and just wanted to break everything that I had in my room because I knew that if I just started studying at least 3 days earlier ( this means: I started to study 4 days before the exam and I wanted to study 3 more days before giving me a week) I could not have the anxiety attack that I had. Because I spent the rest of my day just watching movie and series and just lying on the sofa eating ice cream - which isn't healthy! But delicious on these ocasions.

   I also think that I won't get out of these circle so easily because it's easy to slip into and hard to get out, and it will need all of my strengh to exit this. The exam season is almost here and I have a lot of presentations and papers to write and I just can't handle them being so close to each other and I'm just loosing my mind. And that's why I procrastinate a lot: Youtube and Tumblr. Both these things just ruined my life, and I can't control myself. Everyday I go on my tumblr spendind a lot of my time on it and on Youtube watching all of my favourite youtubers just thinking what my life would be if I met them.

   I'm starting to behave myself and reduce my time on the Internet ( our generation's most dangerous thing) and spending reading and trying to spend more hours studying.

Well, I think that now I'll study for my next exam ( in 3 days ;__; ) and try not have one attack.

Kisses! :*


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