Primark Haul


So the other day I went shopping and went to Primark because I like it a lot, it has really good clothes with really good quality and good prices and I just went crazy.
I don't remember all of the prices of the products but I'll put in those that I remember. I had to traver almost after being on Primark and I took of the price tag's.

I bought a pair of Jeggins because I can't always find a pair of trousers that fit me because of my bodyshape, so i picked this pair of jeggins. 

 These two pieces are my favourite because I love Disney and I fell in love immediatly and I couldn't say no to these cute pieces of clothing! I just couldn't.

I've been looking a long time for a shirt that was cute and simple at the same time because I don't like pieces of clothing that have a lot on them, except when it's really cute and I really like it. So I picked up this plain white shirt with golden buttons. And it was 7,00€ I believe.

I'm on of those persons that don't like to wear shorts because I don't like my legs this summer and my mother forced me to buy at least 1 pair of shorts because she didn't want me to wear leggins all summer and I agreed. And then I saw this. I don't know how people call it in english, but it's made with jeans material and is a one piece clothing. I really liked it for a day out by the beach or going out with friends to the park or something like that. 

Now, I fell in love with this dress, it's a red knee lengh dress and it' just gorgeous and I love it so much. It's sweet for a night out in those days of summer, or walking with your friends or family. It's so cute and beautiful.

I've always wanted a set of rigs, and I've found them. A set of 6 rings for 3,00€.

Finally, I bought this make up bag. I needed a new one and this is just the cutest bag ever. It's a pink bag shapped like a bear with a bow on it's right ear.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I know that it might not be important but I don't have a good camera, and the only camera I have is my phone but it doesn't have a good quality. Since I've never done a haul before, I appologize for the lack of quality and I'm going to be better next time.


Thank you for reading!

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