Amazing Biology Experience


  Many people don't know but I'm in university studying Biology and Geology and, last month had the privilege of going on a field trip to study deer behavior. And I have to say it was amazing!
   Nothing like waking up at 04:45 am to be ready to travel to the woods and stay there from 06:30 to 10:00am and see these creatures in their natural habitat its just amazing. Being able to hear the birds, the water, the mating calls from far away is really cool and fantastic for field experience. I'm really happy that I said yes to this opportunity because I really liked it. 

I can say that Portugal really has amazing landscapes!  I've learnt how to distinguish an older male deer from a younger male, how many deer stalks a male can have and how to distinguish an older female from a younger female. It's really impressive.
This was a spectacular weekend and I hope to do another soon because I had so much fun. Studying biology is really incredible.

Thank you for reading!


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