Procrastination Part 2

Hello and Happy 2015! ✶ ✶ ✶ 

The other night I was looking at my celing and thinking about when I was a little kid, what 2015 would look like, mainly because the movies were giving us a completely different from a childs imagination. The flying cars and skateboards were the things that most kids wanted the future to be like.  

In New Year's Eve I didn't wish for anything because I knew that most of those I wouldn't accomplish mainly because I knew that I would be to lazy for that, and the first is already showing and it's only the 14Th of January . 

I made a blogpost sometime ago (click here) and I wrote about that most of the time I do other stuff than study. For example, I take out my books and pencils and start to study, then I go on the Internet aka twitter and tumblr and the worst of them all YouTUBE. I say to myself: I'll just watch one video, and another one and another one, and after a time, 1 hour or more was wasted watching youtube videos. The other day I spent 1h30 on tumblr rebloging and rebloging and rebloging . And then, I have exams and the existential crisis begins. I start to think that I'm useless and that I'll be a disappointed to my family and friends and hate every second of it.

I don't want to be like this anymore, I wan't to try harder and I don't know how. 
Even now! I've been distracted for 1 hour writting this blogpost and cooking my lunch. IT'S AWFUL! I need help.

I've tried everything:

  1. Have brain stimulator to help the brain gain focus on what I'm trying to read and memorize. 
  2. Eat chocolate to help gain more focus on what you're doing.
  3. Listen to classical musical / movie soundtracks to help concentrate.
  4. Have different tactics to stimulate my brain.
I don't know what to do next and it's killing me! 

Do you guys have any advice for it? Write in the coments

Thank you for reading!


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