New Oriflame Products Review


A few weeks ago, I purchased a few new products from a company named Oriflame and this post is about my opinions about the items I bought. 

Item 1: The One Eye Liner Stylo

I wrote a blogpost about this item last week, check it out here : Here ♥

Item 2 - Oriflame Love Nature Face Cream

This product was purchased by my mother in one of the catalogues a few months ago but she gave it to me a few weeks ago. I didn't use it immediately because I was finishing another cream but I decided to give it a try. 
I really like it! It leaves my skin so smooth! 
This cream is perfect for people who have sensitive skin, it has chamomile and it smells really good.

Item 3 - 2 Pure Colour Lipsticks: Shades Soft Coral and Vintage Rose 

The shade from the Soft Coral is to soft that when I apply it it's almost like I don't have any lipstick applied. The way I use it is to put is first and then use a lip gloss on top just to give a little more sparkle to my lips. 
The same happens with the Vintage Rose, the colour might be pretty but the colour doesn't gets applied to the lips. I was hopping for getting more lighter lips. 
The best way that I've found with these two shades is to apply them before a lip gloss because the lipsticks leave a little bit of shade in my lips and the lip gloss will add a sparkle to the lips.

Item 4 - 2 Pure Colour Lipsticks: Shade Warm Fuchsia and Rich Red

These two lipsticks are my favourite from the 4 I have.
I love the Rich Read Lipstick because the colour is just amazing when applied to my lips and the Warm Fuchsia is a warm purple colour that make your lips a little darker but still with a good colour and I love it.
 I've been looking for a purple colour lipstick since last fall because I think it's a really good shade for Fall/Winter.

Item  5 - Masquerade Perfume

This product was given to me by my mother on Christmas and it's my favourite fragrance! The smell is amazing, it last for a very long time.
 The only negative point is that the bottle is really small - only 50 mL - but its still a gorgeous bottle! 
I apply it every morning before leaving for college since February and the bottle has more than half. 

Item 6 - The One Everlasting Foundation - Porcelain

I acquired this product only 4 weeks ago and I already fell in love! The texture is really smooth, it goes really well on my skin, I don't take forever to blend it on my face. 
I bought the porcelain shade because I have a very pale face and I found that the colour is perfect for me.
 I really enjoy using it for those days that I have more time to do my make up before going to college or going out with my friends.

Thank you for reading!

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