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The other day, I was going through my drafts and I found a TAG about hair. It's been there almost  1 year and I decided to post it today! Here we go!

1.What is your natural hair colour?
Blond when I was younger but now is light brown.

2.What hair colour is your hair currently?
Dark purple hair .

3.What hair colour would you love to have?
I've always wanted blue hair but I don't think I'll ever be able to dye it that colour so that's why I decided to dye it in purple because it's another colour I've always wanted.

4.What is your everyday hairstyle?
Half up and half down, sometimes with little plats ( 2 up and 2 down). Ponytail and brades are always on my list.

5.How often do you dye your hair?
I dye my hair every 2/3 months. I have good roots so I can be 3 months without dying it again

6.Is there a hairstyle you would love to have, but can't do?
I would love any head braid for long hair. This hairstyle is one of my favourites but my hair isn't long enough .  

7.Honestly, how often do you visit the hairdressers?
Because I now have dyed hair, I visit 2 to 3 months to dye my roots and cut the ends of my hair depending on their condition.

8.What's the worst style you have ever had?
When I was in 4th grade, I had really long hair and mt mother made me cut it because of cooties from other kids and I had really short hair. I like seeing on other people but I think I can't pull it of. 

9.Any hair disasters?
To be honest, I don't think so.

10.Which hair tool could you not live without?
My tangle teaser. I ALWAYS have tangled hair.

11.Over your various years of having hair... what are the biggest things you've learnt about hair care?
The hair needs to be cared because if not it will need to be awful looking and it will need to be cut. Using the right products for your hair type can help it be more healthier. Also, testing with hairstyle suits you more can always be a good step.

12.Any shampoos and conditioners you swear by?
I swear by the Tresemmé Moisture Rich collection. Now I've been really loving the Schawarzkopf Gliss Colour Protect collection. 

13.Anything you regret?
No, I don't have any regrets. 

14.How do you keep your hair happy and healthy?
By using the Tresemmé Moisture Rich collection to help reduce the damage in the hair, by reducing the use for heat on my hair and, if I use heat, I'll ALWAYS wear heat protection. You can'r put heat on your hair and don't protect it! It will damage your hair really fast! 

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