Make Up Tag

Hi guys! 
Today I'm answering a tag about make up!

1~Do you feel more powerful wearing nude or vibrant make-up?

Nude make-up is my everyday style, I don't feel comfortable with vibrant make-up. 

2~Are you addicted to make-up? 

I don't consider myself addicted but I like to wear and purchase it. I don't buy it all the time - usually when there are promotions or when I really need that product. 

3~How often do you wear make-up? 

I wear it almost everyday. I use it when I have classes and on weekends when I go out at night. Other than that I only use concealer.

4~Recommend two brands: a cheaper and a more expensive, but worth all penny.

Cheaper brand is Kiko and the expensive brand is Make-Up Factory.

5~What's your favourite lipstick at the moment?  

Right now, I'm loving Kiko's Smart Lipstick in the shade 934 Wine.

6~Which makeup product do you always buy no matter what?

Eyeliner. Most of the time I can't leave my house without a winged liner. I just feel incomplete!

7~ Name one item that you don't like seeing on yourself but love seeing on other people.

I really don't like seeing myself with red lipstick, I don't know why! I just don't!

8~ Which brand do you have in a larger amount? 

Right now I have a lot of Kiko products that I bought two weeks ago.

9~What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven't?

Too Faced and Nars.

10~ Tag 15 blogs.

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    1. Claro que não, eu até esperava que muitas pessoas não quisessem responder porque eu escrevo sempre em inglês, mas ainda bem que gostaste! :D Sim, vou dar uma olhadela :)

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