Kiko Costetics Review

Hey Guys! How's everyone doing?

Today's post is a review of some products I bought from Kiko a few weeks ago.
This is a delayed post since it should have been up two weeks ago, but other topics came up. Nevertheless, the time has come!

I was in need of some new make up products, yet I wasn't quite sure on where to look. The city where I live most of the time doesn't have the variety I wish it had.  The moment I heard that Kiko was selling 5 products for 10€ I knew exactly what my next stop would be! I had 2 weeks to evaluate the quality of the products, so today I'll give you an honest review.

1. Smart Lipstick Rouge à Leuvres in the Shade 934 Wine

Lipsticks are the kind of products that almost everyone has in a lot of different shades and brands. Despite not being one of those people, I aim at having an imense collection. I probably only have 5 different lipsticks and not a single lip gloss - had an allergic reaction the last time I wore one so I never did it again. This said, I'll definitely try and buy a lot more lipsticks!
What I found great with this lipstick is the pigmentation and how powerful the colour is! It stays on my lips for a very long time and it's lovely.
I usually wear a nude lipstick since I don't like seeing myself with bright colours such as red or pink, but when I wore this one for the first time I immediately fell in love. 
I'll definitely buy more shades when I have the time to go shopping. If you have any favourite Kiko lipstick, please tell me in the comments because I really want to try more of their lipsticks!


This concealer wasn't included in the promotion but I was needing one so bad that I took the opportunity and started looking for one.
I had never used a cream concealer. Moreover, I'm not a fan of this type of concealers as the liquid ones can be considerably easier to use. But of course, it depends on what you intend to do. For a simple coverage (pimples or blemishes), cream concealer can be truly helpful. If your goal is a stronger coverage, liquid concealer is your best friend. It will blend better, whether you do it with a proper brush or with your fingers. It is also a lot more effective for dark circles.

3. Deep Black Feutre Eyeliner

Funny story: bought this by accident. While browsing through the counter sections with the items in promotion (I only needed one more product), I grabbed this one thinking it was a black mascara since it was in the mascara section. Thank God for that mistake!
I love this eyeliner so much that now I can't leave without it! I wear it every time I have to leave the house, whether it's for school or to go out at night.
It makes it easier for you to draw the perfect cat eye and it lasts a long time. 
The colour is well pigmented, it doesn't smudge as often as some liquid eyeliners and it dries very fast.

4. Long Lasting Sticks Shades 21 and 31

These eyeshadows are the best thing ever! I don't usually wear pigmented eyeshadows on a daily basis but I fell in love with these two! They are very subtle and both have an amazing colour. 
Number 35 is a pinky shade whereas 21 is more of a coral shade, hence my favourite!
The way I like to use them is with eyeliner and the result is just dazzling! The texture is really good and it stays on my eyelids thoughout the whole day. 
It doesn't require blending unless you want to. I like to apply them, use the eyeliner and voilá! I'm ready to go!
These products were definitely worth the money I spent. 

5. Infinity Eye Shadow Nr. 222

  This product is more subtle but pretty nonetheless.
I use it occasionally when I want a more natural look.
There were only two downsides: it's very easy to lose since the packaging is really small and after application it sometimes looks like it's not there.
I know that it's for a neutral look but a little more pigmentation would be good in my opinion. 
I usually wear it with eyeliner on top.
I don't know if I would buy it again in this shade but I would like to try different shades in this range. 

So what are your thoughts? 
Did any of you also used this promotion to buy new make up products?  Do you have any favourite Kiko products? Which ones? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. I love some products from kiko :)

    1. Do you have any favourites? I would love to try new products :)

  2. I have some smart lipsticks Kiko: 914, 915, 917 and 918; I like them because they are cheap, well pigmented and with a good variety of colors. The shadow Long Lasting Stick I have the nº36, it's a pinkish purple with golden reflections; but when I try to apply more than one layer, to enhance the color, it seems that removes what had before.

    Shadow Powder... I have other lines of them I like, but my favorites are the cream eyeshadows. Simply fantastic, super pigmented, long lasting... I just LOVE THEM! You should try them. ;)

    About concealer, my opinion is different from yours, I think that the creamy ones offer a higher coverage, precisely because they are more "creamy" and "pasty", on the other hand the liquid ones always have a more light and natural coverage.

    Anyway, i like to see your review :)

    1. Podias ter respondido em Pt xD
      Uuh tenho de experimentar esses então!
      Obrigada por comentares :v

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