Oriflame Tender Care Rose Protecting Balm Review

Hi everyone! 

Who doesn't love Oriflame products? Well I do love them a lot!
Oriflame is one of those brands you that you purchase from and you wont be disappointed! 
The product quality is fantastic and the price in most products is really accessible for everyone.
The product that I'm reviewing today is that product that almost anyone needs to have in their make up bag! Yes, I'm talking about a protecting balm!!

This balm is very useful and can be used not only on your lips but also on your feet, hands and elbows. It can be uses to treat dry or irritated skin. It helps smooth the skin when it's to dry and it has healing, regenerative, smoothing and nutritious proprieties. 

I really liked this product since it's very smooth and has a very light texture, it gets absorbed very quickly and it gives an instant soft and smooth skin!
It's also non-greasy so it doesn't leave you with that oily feeling. 
Its packaging is really cute and travel friendly since it doesn't need a lot of space on your make up bag. It can be reached at any time and you can carry it anywhere you go! It is really practical!

I use this product when I have really dry lips and sometimes on my elbows and I have to say that my elbows are really smooth! 

What are you opinions about this product? Do you like it? Leave your opinions in the comments!

2 comentários

  1. Nunca experimentei este balsamo! Costumo usar ou vaselina ou um que comprei na Primark super barato. A embalagem deste é mesmo bonitinha.

    Marli, do My Own Anatomy ✫

    1. Não sabia que a Primark também tinha coisas assim. Cada vez ando a saber de mais novidades!
      Este é mesmo fantástico!


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