How To: Survive Exams

Hello everyone!

I've been away for a while because I'm "swimming" in exams right now and I don't have the time to post anything, so  I decided that since I'm studying to exams I would share my studying tips and on how to survive exams.
I hope you can relate and use these tips to pass all your exams!

1. Have a clean environment around you
I'm that kind of person that can't concentrate on my work if my bedroom is messy or if my desk is full or random things that are not going to help on my study process so I have to clean everything before I start.
A clean environment is a good way to start your quest. 

2. Make sure you have really good notes
One thing that I find really useful is having notes that have the essencial and are very well organised. I think that these kind of notes are super helpful and can actually make a difference. I, for example, have different types of notes:
-colour coordinated
-drawings with text
-essencial text with images
But remember! You have to find what kind of note people are you! - this may sound stupid but I know a lot of people that only study on plain text notes or just text with images.

3.Try to know if any of your friends have exams for previous years
This is a very important step. I'm currently studying in a University and most of the exams I have to take are similar to those from previous years so it's very important to after you revise the subject trying to solve the tests.
 It's a way to help you see if you are capable of doing the actual exam and can help you know if you have a topic that you're not good yet.

4. Make sure you're hydrated during your study
You can't be studying for 4 hours in a row without drinking anything ! Water is the best option! But you can't be constantly drinking water because you'll have to take a break every 15 minutes to go to the bathroom and that's not helpful!!

5. Try not to stay awake all night studying and wake up early in the exam day
This is a thing I've been doing since I was in secondary school which is waking up 1 or 2 hours early before going to school and revise what's important for the test.
I'm that kind of person that can't do a all-nighter studying because I'll fall asleep super easy. 
True fact: A few weeks ago I was awake until 3.30 am with 4 of my friends finishing a paper and presentation we had to deliver the next day and at 2.00 am I was already falling asleep. I stood awake because I had music blasting on my ears the entire time.

6. Make rewards for yourself
If you give yourself rewards after doing something you will enjoy the study. For example, I was studying for my Petrology tests - studying rocks and minerals YAY!- and next to me I had a dark chocolate bar and every time I finished a topic I would eat a square because I would feel accomplished! 

7.Take brakes 
It's not a secret that taking breaks during an intense study afternoon id the best thing you can do. It's not healthy staying 6 hours in a row looking at your computer/notes/exercises! Our brain needs to take a few breaks for a few minutes to recover from the study. I once knew a kid who had to to to the hospital because he was studying for the entire afternoon and night and he didn't stop for eating dinner. It was a very difficult thing to witness. 

8. Eat dark chocolate
Since I was in secondary school my mother always told me that before entering the exam room to eat dark chocolate because it would help the brain work better and I've been doing that ever since. Dark chocolate is the best sweet you can have and it's always good to have a little sugar just before that tension right?

Do you have other tips on how to survive that you wanna share? Leave yours in the comments!

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