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Hello Readers,
Today's post will be about one of my passions: Stationary. Almost everyone who's studying must have their stationary love and I decided to share my recent love.

In the beginning my semester I wanted to purchase new stationary because I think that it would make me motivated to study more and make my own notes ( and I have to say that it worked! ). 

I found it way easier to study with these pens - not because they're magical that's insane - but because it made me be more focused and more accurate with my schemes and labels. Important subjects have a colour and the main information has other colours - let's say I have a colour coordination that works.

I also found it to be super useful when I study from the teachers notes and I use my own scribbles on the sides.

Another thing is that these pens are with a fine tip which makes the writing easier and it doesn't smudge which is super helpful! I have smudgy pens because I spend a lot of time writing notes - yes I'm a slow writer - and if a pen smudges I feel that I've wasted a lot of time for nothing.

 Thank you for reading!

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