Vasenol Spray & Go! Review

Body hydration is fundamental to have a gorgeous, smooth skin but sometimes we forget to do it because it takes a lot of time especially if we're on a rush to leave the house! 
Most people takes a shower in the morning to start the day feeling super fresh and others prefer to be fresh in the evening but most people forget to pass the body lotion after the shower. I'm one of those people and I have to say that I don't want to be that kind of person anymore so I decided to try new body lotions to see which soothed me and worked out better in my daily routine and I have to say that I found exactly what I needed.
I found this body lotion through a friend of my mother's and I fell in love with it. There are a three different products to choose from:
                                            a) Aloe Vera b) Cocoa and c) Vanilla.

I decided to try the Aloe Vera one first because not only was the only in stock but also because I felt most attracted to it almost immediately. 
When I used it for the first time I have to say it's really amazing especially if you're on a rush and don't have a lot of time to spend on making sure that all of the cream well blended on your skin. With this moisturiser I found that the blending doesn't take a lot of time mainly because is almost instant. 



Another thing that I found interesting is the packaging. It has a seal in which you have to rotate the opening to use it and close it after use so the product doesn't stick to the opening and drys there.
I was more fascinated about how durable the sent is. For instance, one morning I used before going to my university classes at 9 am and the smell stayed until lunch time so I guess that's a positive. 
I'm definitely going to try the others!


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