50 Lifestyle and Beauty Blogpost Ideas for Bloggers


Are you a blogger, like me, and sometimes feel that the creative spirit is operating low recently and looking for some blog post ideas? Well, you’ve come to the right place!
Here I list 50 lifestyle and beauty blog posts ideas for when you're having those days where you have absolutely no ideas on what to write about! 

  1. 10 things you probably don’t know about me post
  2. Share your top 10 favourite movies
  3. Travel bucket list
  4. Travel essentials
  5. Favourite childhood memory
  6. Share a few embarrassing stories with your readers
  7. Favourite restaurants
  8. 10 things I can’t live without post
  9. Top 5 beauty products of all time
  10. Book review
  11. Music playlist post
  12. Weekend snapshot post where you share with your readers what you did that weekend
  13. Your favourite blogs that you read regularly
  14. Your morning routine
  15. Your bedtime routine
  16. A “day in the life of me” post where you write about what a typical day looks like for you
  17. Makeup Routine with your ultimate favourite makeup products
  18. Beauty/fashion haul post showing your readers the latest things you’ve bought
  19. Top 10 TV series of all time
  20. Your favourite books
  21. A post about why you started blogging
  22. Host a giveaway
  23. A what’s in my makeup bag post
  24. Share your fitness routine
  25. Lookbook with some clothes that you bought recently
  26. A post about your dream job
  27. Share your favourite photo editing phone apps 
  28. A monthly favourites (about the things you’re currently obsessed with)
  29. Things that make you happy post
  30. Share some tips that keep you organized
  31. Share pictures of your workspace
  32. Your favourite blogging tools
  33. Talk about a hobby of yours
  34. Your favourite YouTube channels
  35. Q & A post (ask for questions on your social media channels and answer them on your blog)
  36. Describe your latest holidays
  37. Favorite Etsy shops
  38. Birthday wishlist
  39. Share your pet peeves
  40. Talk about your pets if you have any and why you love them so much
  41. Write about a  coffee shop that you like, take lots of pictures and write about it
  42. Share your favorite things about Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer (a separate post each season)
  43. "What I ate today" 
  44. Write about your fears – what scares you?
  45. Put together a gift guide
  46. Products that you regret buying
  47. Planners and stationary that you’re loving
  48. Your favorite Instagram accounts to follow
  49. How to spring clean your life/blog
  50. Everyday makeup routine

Hope that these helped you in any way 

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