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  That time of the year has arrived which means that it's time to go back to school/ university(in my case) and buying new stationary ( which is basically the best part am I right? ).
  For this first semester I decided to go with only 3 writable items : an agenda, a small note book and a large one for home studying. I'm one of those persons that doesn't want to go to classes with a backpack full of stuff meaning that it will be suuper heavy so, I decided that just a small notebook and my pencil case is enough. 
  I usually go for a blank notebook from Ambar but this year I decided to use a lined one and it cost 10 euros in a small shop in my hometown. The agenda that I use to write important stuff like test dates is from Parfois cost 10 euros. The study notebook for my home notes to study for the exams for each subject that I'm taking and it's from Mitos and cost 6 euros.
   For stationery, I'm using the Exam Grade Stabilo Blue Pen which is my favourite writing pen ever (I bought them on amazon here), a Milan Black Eraser that erases super well and doesn't leave marks on the paper ( depending of the type of paper of course), the Maped Graph'Peps ( I wrote a post about them here ) and the Bic Kids Tropicolors Colouring Pencils because I have some subjects that require me to use them and they're really good and finally a Rotring Automatic Pencil.

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  1. A agenda é linda, mas eu cá só me entendo com agendas de argolas!!

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