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🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

This year I decided to start a Halloween tag because well, it's Halloween and I wanted not only create something new and exciting but also to share with all of you my answers and see yours as well. You can also answer the questions in the comments of you want!

So, for this to be a success, this is what you have to do:
  - Tag ten bloggers to answer this TAG!
  - Share the Halloween TAG logo

So.. Let's begin!

1. Do you still Trick or Treat?

No, I do not nor have I ever been trick or treating.

2. Do you like going to haunted attractions?

Yes but the last time I went was about two years ago 

3. Favourite Halloween movie?

Can't just pick one, but I love the Nightmare on Elm Street saga.

4. Favourite costume you wore as a child?

I didn't wear any costumes as I child but the last time I dressed up I was a dead character with blood coming out of my eyes and around my neck.

5. Costume you would love to wear?

I would love to wear a scary costume with very cool and scary make up like blood coming from mouth or eyes. 

6. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?

No, I do not. 

7. What are your plans for this years halloween?

This year I'll most probably spend at home watching a scary movie marathon. 

8. Do you ever dress up your pet?

No and I don't think I'll ever will!

9. What was the worst thing you were given when trick or treating?

I've never been trick or treating but I remember once going out with my friends and some kids decided to throw eggs and flour at us and starting running after us and that night I lost a pink Motorola flip phone ( I still think about it because I LOVED that phone! )

10. Favourite thing about Halloween?

I love seeing the creative costumes that people come up with and the vibe of scary stuff excite me. I just wish I could spend a Halloween in a country where it's celebrated like the US just to see the excitement that those people have on the Halloween night. It must be really cool.

11. Post a picture of your last Halloween costume

In the last halloween that I decided to celebrate by going out with my friends, I didn't wore a costume per se but I did go out with a simple but cool make up with some blood tears and blood around my neck. Me and my best friends went out like this and let's say we the few people that dressed up for halloween that weren't children. How I love Portuga's way of celebrating this time of year!

And my nominees are:
(I added all bloggers who responded to my Facebook post because since this is the start of TAG I wanted everyone to answer it)

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  1. Obrigada pela TAG - já respondi no meu blog.. É tão bom voltar à infância.. e recordar os bons momentos.. adorei responder à tag Ana.


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