My Gym Routine

    Today I'm going to share my gym routine with you guys but first I want to say that I'm not suppose to take pictures inside the gym so that's why I only took of the treadmill after I finished.
    I usually wear the outfit from the picture above :

- a snake print sport leggings from Primark;
- a snake print sport top from Primark;
-a light and sport t-shirt that my brother gave me;
-some gym appropriate shoes from Sportzone

    I've been going to the gym for almost seven months now and I know that I've changed my routine at least three times. When I first started going, I was going with three friends and we used to spend almost two hours a day in the gym and we used to do cardio, ab classes, step classes. But after a while I started going my self and that's why I changed the routine. 
     Now, my routine consists on using the treadmill for thirty minutes ( minimum) to one hour ( maximum) where I start by walking for the first five minutes, run for ten then walk for five until the times runs out. Then I can choose what to do right after:

  1. Either lift some weights for three sets of ten lifts with a ten kilos weight;
  2. do the leg press for three sets of ten lifts with a twenty five kilos weight;
  3. attend an abdominal class for ten minutes ( class where an instructor gives some ab exercises and we do them for ten minutes) ;

     And before I leave the gym I usually attend a stretch class to relax my muscles after the intense exercise. 

    In July I decided that I wanted one of those fitness watches that can record my steps, the kilometres that I've done through out the day, the calories I've burned and the time of course. So I went on a quest to find the perfect watch for me that was cheap and good at the same time. It was ward at first but in a shop here in Portugal called Rádio Popular I found the watch called STOREX SB 7 LG.  It's super simple and it comes with a mobile app called Day Day Band. The app is also super simple. First you enter your personal data (sex, weight, height, and step goals), then you can connect the band to the phone through Bluetooth and the data from the watch goes to the app. I usually connect the watch with the phone at the end of the day right before I go to sleep.

     Here I have a screenshot of the app with an example of a day where I went to uni and then to the gym. It tells the steps, the distance, the calories burned and it "rates" the performance.  The other thing that the app does is it can record your sleep habits. I personally don't like because it doesn't record very well but sometimes I go to bed with the watch on my wrist and see my "sleep". It tells the Deep Sleep, Light Sleep and it counts the Awake, meaning it tells how many times during the night I woke up.

Do you guys new about this app and watch? And if so, do you use it?


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  1. Your workout routine is so good! I wish i had the energy and or the passion to go to the gym! Great post

  2. Cute workout gear, I like the snake print top and pants. I haven't heard of the watch or the app. I am using my iWatch, but I love it. I like that it tracks my practice, but also my meditation time, etc. and my heart beat whether I am working out or not.

  3. This looks great! Thanks for sharing!

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