New Year, New Me?

Hello everyone and Happy 2018!

Hope that all of you had a blast celebrating the entry of the new year. I had and I'm still suffering the consequences (my legs hurt from dancing for hours) but wouldn't trade this year for anything. 
Every year we make promises to ourselves that the new year we're going to be a different person by being healthier and study more, etc.

I normally don't make these kind of promised but last year I did one and I have to say that I kept it for about 6 months and I became very proud of myself. Last year I promised that I would be more healthier by going to the gym every week and eat more healthy and because of that I lost 10 kg and I'm super proud of myself. I also managed to study a little more and have decent grades. I must say that 2017 was a pretty good year for me. 

For this new year I'm going to try and do the same and try to become a little more healthy and finish my last year in university with good grades. 

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