What I ate Today #2

The last time I posted a "What I ate today" was last Christmas and so I thought why not share with you what I'm currently eating. Spring has arrived so my eating habits have changed slightly so I wanted to share with you the differences between today and last Christmas.
I'm trying to eat more healthy and I'm trying to become vegetarian but I'm a very picky person with food so eliminating meat forever is a battle that I wanna someday win (Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments). 

-Raspberry Alpro yoghurt with strawberries and poppy seeds. 

-Farfalle Tricolore with chicken and soya cream.
-One apple with Belvita Breakfast Chocolate Cookies and Gullon Vitalday Sandwich filled with hazelnut spread.
-Home-made vegetable soup (without potato) and a banana.

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