My Top 5 Photo Editor for Instagram Photos

Instagram. That social media that is most used in 2018 for sharing photos. 
I personaly have two accounts, one personal and one professional, and I have more thought in what I publish in my professional account than the personal. On my blog account, I tend to publish photos related to what I write about and, for example, if I wanna show my outfit or my makeup I do it in this account rather than my personal one since the personal one is for more intimate stuff related to my friends and to my life in university.

Now and then I like to edit my photos and for that, I like using a series of smartphone apps to give the photo that special touch and sparkle and so that's why I'm sharing with you my top 5 photo editor for Instagram. The first photo is the original that I took two weeks ago on my phone of a park here in Aveiro, Portugal so that you can see the filters and the edited ones from each app.

1. Pixlr, I've known this brand for a very long time on their online editor. Not my favourite of all the five but has some good filters.

2. VCSO, I found about this one not long ago and I think that it's super easy to use and has some really cool features. Cool filters. Gave the photo a subtle effect.
3. Afterlight, allows to make corrections like luminosity, contrast.. but the best thing is that allows you add the "dust" effect and gives the photo a little vintage vibe. I like using super subtle just to add that sparkle. Not very good with filters though.
4. Snapseed, I've been using this one a lot because I like the way you can use their tools to edit. Some good filters but I prefer to use it for the editor tools.

5. PicsArt, not my first choice when I want to edit my photos. It was suggested to me on Google Play a few weeks ago and found it interesting. Has some good features but I only use it when I'm not happy with the edition of the other's apps. 

What kind of apps do you use? tell me in the comments!

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  1. Gostamos do top! Por aqui utilizamos o VSCO :)

    All The way is an adventure
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  2. Eu costumo usar o snapseed, gosto muito!

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