Primark Sea Salt Spray | Review

I'm fascinated with hair products that can simulate and give beach waves to the hair but sometimes the lowest price isn't worth it. Today I'm going to tell you why I didn't enjoy this product AT ALL.

Two months ago I went to Primark and I don't do it often because the nearest is either one in Porto or in Coimbra and both cities are a little far from where I'm living. Right now I'm in Aveiro and Porto is a little far and expensive for just a trip to Primark. So that day I decided to take an advantage and experiment new products that could potentially convert into a blog post. 

Among the other products that I've bought that day this one definitely is the regretful ever. As you can see from the photo above it only cost 2.5€ (on rare occasions a cheap product is marvellous) and because it was so cheap that I wanted to give it a go. 

So one day I was about to leave my house for my classes of the day and I saw it on my shelf and thought: "I still have to try this, let's try it now" and I sprayed it onto my hair. It didn't give the beach waves it said it would and made my hair really sticky and with lumps of product stuck. Super disappointing! I ran to the bathroom to try to remove some excess of product and rush into class because that made me almost 10 minutes late. 

Overall I have to give it super negative ratings because - at least for me - it didn't work at all and made my hair look and feet awful. 

Have any of you tried it?


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  1. Experimentaste encaracolar o cabelo primeiro? Há alguns produtos que só funcionam assim ou com o cabelo húmido ou com caracóis já feitos pelo modulador :/

  2. Olá!!
    Não conhecia o produto da Primark mas á primeira vista uma pessoa compra logo, quem não gosta de beach waves? Pessoalmente não compraria porque eu já as tenho ao natural mas para quem tem o cabelo liso e gosta de ondas era muito bom que tivesse funcionado--
    Segui o teu blog, queria convidar-te a visitar e a seguir o meu de volta <3

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