May Favourites

 May is already finished indicating that it's time for me to show you what I loved throughout this month.
In the beauty category, I have two items.
The first one is this amazing and gorgeous eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution, [link] that I loved wearing throughout the month. It's a fantastic gold shimmer that looks good with this time of year. I usually wore it with a nude lip and sometimes a cat eye just to spice the look a bit more. 
The last beauty product is the Baptist Hairspray. It's the first dry shampoo I ever owned and I can say that it's a lifesaver on those days that I don't know what to do with either my hair or the days I don't have a lot of time to shower and wash my hair. I don't recommend using this every day to replace a shower but sometimes can be useful. 
In the lifestyle category, I wanna add two items and one of them is food ( but because it's a healthier food I wanted to include this here). 
I bought this travel mug because I saw that it was really cute and I love it a lot. Somehow it makes me want to drink more water than if I had a water bottle. I don't know why but it's true! When I had my lab work to do I found myself drinking more water from this mug than if I had a water bottle. Don't ask me why but it worked. I drank more water and I'm really happy with myself.
Food wise, I found these rice cakes cookies covered in dark chocolate and OMG THEY ARE AMAZING. If you told me a few years ago that I would fancy eating rice cakes I would laugh. My mum used to buy these cakes for the house and I couldn't eat them! I didn't like the taste but now I think that the chocolate mixed with the rice flavour gives me a delicious taste.  Now I can't live without them until maybe I get sick of them but for now, I'm appreciating the marvellous taste. 

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  1. Não conhecia nenhum, mas adorei, esse copinho para o trabalho era exelente**

  2. o champoo batiste é já um essencial no meu dia-a-dia. Um caneca dessas não me importava nada de a ter cá por casa

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