Hello Manchester!

Hi and Merry Christmas!

So today I wanted to share with you my Manchester experience!

My mother and I arrived in Manchester on the 23rd of December. Right away we went to visit the J John Rylands Library. The night settled at 16h30 (something that I'm NOT used to it!) and we visited what remained of the Christmas Market.


Next day, we went exploring through the city but because it was the 24th, some buildings were closed. I ate fish & chips for the first time - amazing btw! - and had some Christmas drinks. The city has beautiful landmarks and landscapes but the building sites disappointed me a little bit. You can see some astonishing old buildings and some cranes and construction sites close.


Christmas day was a lazy day since everything was closed for Christmas - obviously- so we just ate a lot, and saw a lot of Christmas movies.

My first ever boxing day! And because I'm a football fan, my mother and I went to see a Manchester United game! (If I can be honest, I personally wanted to see Manchester City but they played away so I couldn't!) The spirit was amazing and the game went flawlessly. We had amazing seats and we had a blast! Nothing compared to our the games played here in Portugal.

Next day, we went to York and explore the city and OMG! It's gorgeous! It's a very historical city with Viking ancestry and the city was just beautiful. The Christmas decorations were really pretty.


On the 27th we spent the entire day at Chester Zoo. It's a spectacular zoo because each species have a lot of space to wonder and each space is an honest representation of each animal's real habitat which I think that is amazing. Here in Portugal, our zoo is very small and can't expand since it's placed in the middle of the city of Lisbon.

Last full day, was another exploring day where we went to some shops and some museums like the National Football and the Science and Industry.  We also visited the oldest pub! Cute space - but very small! - And since it was our last day we went out for dinner. Where? To Nando's! Yes, the chicken place with the Barcelo's Cock ( ou Galo de Barcelos em Português) which is a Portuguese symbol.

I was a little sad because I didn't do a lot of shopping in the beauty sections but I came back with some goodies that I wanna share with you in the future!

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