Crunchy Tripple Chocolate Bowls | Vegan

Today I want to share with you this recipe for a chocolate bowl that I viewed on Instagram that looked very delicious and desired to attempt! 

I want to say that I halved the recipe since I was only going to make it for myself and also that I've modified the original recipe for my own tastes!


  • BOWL6 frozen chopped bananas
    1/4 of soya milk
    1tbsp of pure cocoa powder
    1/4 raw walnuts nuts
    2 tbsp of cacao nibs
  • SAUCE:
    3 tbsp of agave syrup3 tbsp cacao powder


First, you need to prepare the chocolate sauce. In a bowl combine the syrup with the cacao and set aside. Chop the walnuts
Then, add the frozen chopped bananas, cacao powder and the soya milk into a food processor and blend until completely the mixture is completely smooth.
Add the walnuts with cacao nibs and fold onto the nice cream
Lastly, combine the sauce and fold

Serve into a bowl and decorate with more walnuts, the nibs and the remaining sauce. Enjoy the deliciousness!


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