Hello Italy!


I travelled with some of my friends on a small holiday to Italy and I fell in love. The cities that we visited were amazing, the streets, the people, the food. I was amazed by the expensive life!
We still had an amazing time.

We began our journey in Milan, the city of fashion where we stayed for three days. We explored the city centre, some churches, parks, museums.
I enjoyed the way Milan felt but I was a little sad when I saw a lot of buildings with graffiti.
I decided that I wanted to eat an ice cream in each city we visited and in Milan was a place called Grom.

All the restaurants in Milan where we ate were super tasty! I decided that I wanted to eat almost every vegetarian meal that I could and my God how delicious! 

Our next stop was Verona where the story about Romeo and Juliet was created. 
The city is gorgeous! The area by the river has an amazing vibe and the streets are very beautiful. I just wanted to live there forever!
We could see the snowy mountains in the distance which made the view even more adorable. 

The Juliet balcony was a little disappointing but cute nonetheless. It was full of tourists trying to take pictures with the statue but I got a photo with no one. 

This ice cream that I ate in Verona was AMAZING! Not only was in a rose shape - super cute! - but the chocolate flavour that I chose was Organic and OMG it was yummy! The BEST chocolate ice cream flavour that I've ever eaten!

Last day was Sirmione day, which is a little peninsula with a huge lake called Lake de Garda with Castelnuovo del Garda, a gorgeous castle that unfortunately was in renovations. The streets were adorable, gorgeous landscape and I fell in love! 
I ate a vegetarian pasta al pomodoro that was divine! We sat for a long time by the water where we met a duck and all saw the sunset while eating the biggest ice cream cone ever! The best way to end the trip


The Italian experience was amazing and maybe one day I'll return and explore more cities!
Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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  1. Conseguiste sem dúvida captar fotos giras, gostei e Itália seria o meu próximo destino, só que a última a hora mudamos de rumo, quem sabe fica para a próxima :)
    Quanto ao alojamento e a alimentação, são caros ou nem por isso?

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