My Cruelty-Free Makeup Bag

Today I wanted to share with you the makeup products that are currently in my makeup bag that is 100% cruelty-free.
I've been searching for a long time some products here in Portugal that are cheap and cruelty-free and to my surprise, I've found some good ones that I'm really enjoying! It can also give you the opportunity to experiment these cruelty-free brands.
I've never heard of this brand before, the L.A Colors from this online shop called CakeStore and was really surprised by it. It's a long wearing foundation that gives a matte finish that I really enjoy since I have an oilier skin type. I've only worn it a few times but I can tell you all that I'm very impressed with its quality and cover.
This concealer is another purchase from the previous online store and it's this Photofocus concealer from the brand Wet and Wild. It's probably the only VEGAN product that I've own! I'm very impressed with its coverage so far! I use it mainly in my under eye area and I think it's really good and I would say that it's average coverage. 
This Catrice Cosmetics Powder is that product for people with an oilier skin type, like me, must have! If your foundation isn't perfect for the skin type, this powder helps because it's mattifying, meaning it helps reduce the amount of shine. 
I bought my first one last year and I've bought it again because I think that it's essential in my makeup bag.  
This I heart Revolution Chocolate and Peaches eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution is fantastic for the spring/summer weather. I've been enjoying creating eyeshadow looks with some peach and pink tones that I think are perfect for this weather.
Buying the brushed from Wet and Wild also helped because I've been needing some of those for a long time! ( I might even purchase the rest, they are good!) 
This eyeliner from Makeup Revolution was a surprise for me because it's has been a long time since I've used a liquid eyeliner like this instead of a felt tip. When I first started doing my makeup almost ten years ago, the cat eye was probably the only thing that I would do and I got good at it! I would use liquid and then, over the years, started to use felt tips.
When I discovered this, I was amazed by the tip of the brush! It has a curve and it's a little weird - not going to lie! - but it may help get the "perfect cat eye"!
This is the Mascara from Wet and Wild that I bought last month that I've been loving ever since I bought it. I reviewed it here if you wanna read that.
It made my eyelashes look bigger but in a subtle way, which is exactly the way I like it! I'm not a big fan of HUGE eyelashes. 
Last, but not least, the lipstick.
I bought this lipstick from The Body Shop in the shade Nairobi Camellia a few months ago and I love it for this kind of weather because of it's pink tone. It lasts a long time and has an amazing smell!
I reviewed it here if you wanna know more!

These are my current makeup products that are in my makeup bag that are 100% cruelty-free and I couldn't be happier! 
Do you have any suggestions?
Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Produtos tão bons!!
    adorei o post!!

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  2. Produtos muito bons, ainda não experimentei mas já ouvi falar muito bem deles

    Beijinhos :*

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