Purple Paw Ring

Hi! Today's post is a little different from what I normally write but I felt that I wanted to share this ring that I've bought a few days ago. Hope you enjoy!
I 100% believe that a simple accessory, like a ring, can complement an outfit.

I've been wanting a ring that doesn't turn my finger green for a long time, but I was finding it difficult until I saw this page from Instagram called Dog Woofers and saw this cute ring in the shape of a paw.
It cost me around 17€, a little pricey but I really wanted one so I decided to purchase anyway. 
What made me purchase the ring was their mission and their statement that a percentage of all sales are going to be donated to help animals. 
If the statement is true, I can't be sure, and I really hope is true.
 I love the ring that I've purchased from them and have been wearing it ever since.

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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