New Brushes from Wet and Wild | Review

Hi! I've been thinking about what was missing from my makeup bag and I realized makeup brushes! Yes, I've never had professional makeup brushes set before, only a few brushes from different brands that didn't work for me, until I found these.

So today I want to share with you the brushes that I've purchased. Hope you like them!

As you may know, I recently discovered this cruelty-free brand called Wet and Wild and was amazed by their mascara and decided to try more of their products. I decided that as the brand has a very good price range I chose to order some brushes.

I then bought the set in two different online beauty stores. 
First, I found three brushes from the set in a Portuguese beauty online shop and purchased them, being two for eyeshadow and one for foundation/powder. I like the way it blends the eyeshadow and how the cable holds in my hand when I apply it. The hairs are very soft as well!

A few weeks later, I and some of my friends were looking at makeup online stores and decided to order some products from Beauty Bay.
Here I ordered another 5 brushes from the same set, being 1 angled brush for eyeliner, 1 small concealer brush, 1 powder brush, 1 blush/contour brush and the 1 small eyeshadow brush, the one that I was missing. 
Overall, I like the quality! They are light, very soft and have a reasonable price! They're perfect for a starter kit!
And also they all are vegan and cruelty-free! I couldn't ask more for a set of brushes! 

I'm very satisfied with there brushes! What did you guys think?
Do you have any of these? Or any from this brand?
Hope you all liked this post!

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