L.A Colours Foundation | Review

Today I bring you my review on the L.A Colours Matte Foundation.
I've purchased this a few weeks ago and it's time to give you guys my opinion and review. 
Hope you enjoy!

This foundation provides medium to full coverage and it helped hide my redness. 
This foundation has a thick, creamy consistency that blends very well and effortlessly. I normally use a sponge to blend the foundation onto my skin and I feel it worked the best as I didn't like applying it with a brush. 
Though it can’t cover facial pores, I had to wear it with a good primer. I've had some larger cheek pores for a long time that need to cover, or the foundation will enter and not cover.
I have an oily type skin and the foundation stays really long, for around maybe 6 hours without any creasing except on my T zone. I have to bake the foundation so it stays for a little more time. 
Overall, I think this foundation is very good and I highly recommend. It's affordable and has a very high ratio of price/quality.

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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