Primark Gel Effect Nail Polish

I know that's been a while since I've written here but I just needed some time off. The last two months were a little chaotic for me and I needed some fresh air from all of this. I was mostly on Instagram.

So, on today's post, I wanna share with you this nail polish I bought in Primark a while back!
Hope you like it!
So, it might have been the end of June that I and some friends went to visit Porto and decided to give a visit to Primark and that's when I discovered that Primark Beauty was Cruelty-Free!

So a month ago I popped into another Primark and decided to try some products from their range and one of the things that I really wanted to try was the nail polishes. For a long time, I was browsing a lot of brands in search of a nude colour and when I saw this one I needed to try!
Even though the product claims that it's "one coat", I had to use two coats because I thought that with just one coat because it felt the colour wasn't completely uniform.
Overall, I really enjoyed this product a lot. 
I think that, for the price, the coats last for, at least, a week if you're careful. 
It really feels like a gel coat, which I know is the purpose.
I highly recommend it!

Have you ever tried any of these nail polishes from Primark?
Tell me in the comments!
Hope you enjoyed this post!



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