Why I became a Cruelty-Free Beauty Blogger


Today's post is going to be a little different from my usual posts because I believe that this is a truly major topic and, perhaps, it can help some of you make some new decisions.
Every item in the photograph above is cruelty-free and most are also vegan!
Hope you enjoy!
For those who follow me for a while now, know that I've completely changed the way to view the Beauty Industry. It has now been more than two years that I've made a big decision in my life. I believe that this change has a direct weight of the lifestyle habit, the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle that I've been slowly adjusting to. I don't eat red meats, the realistic percentage of meat that I eat during the 12 months is less than 10%. I'm hoping that one day it will go down to less than 5% and them 0%.

This change in my eating habits made me look at the beauty industry a lot more differently. I remember the day that I made that decision and I looked at the beauty counters in my local store and was choked that the brands that were on display, NONE were cruelty-free.All the well-known brands, like Nivea, Clear and Clear, Garnier they all still perform animal testing!  
But what it actually means cruelty-free?

Well,  to make it easy, it means that neither the product nor its ingredients have ever been tested on animals. But you need to ensure that the brand your supporting is 100% cruelty-free by its verified certificates: 
and by ensuring through the Leaping Bunny Program. It's the only internationally-recognized certification that guarantees no new animal testing went into the development of the product at any point.
Unfortunately, there have been some discrepancies in some of these organisations regarding their restrictions whether a brand can use this logo.
For example, some brands like Urban Decay are cruelty-free but they were later bought by L'oreal which is NOT a cruelty-free brand.
You can do a brand search online to ensure that the brand you're supporting is 100% cruelty-free.
Most companies that test on animals in 2019 choose to test! They've made the choice to be vicious, and I'm not going to support these corporations anymore.
Switching to cruelty-free products is one of the best ways to say no to animal testing. Here’s why we should all strive to purchase cruelty-free cosmetics.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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