Reusable Cotton Makeup Remover

Today I wanted to share with you this reusable makeup remover option that I started using about two weeks ago. 
Recently, the boom for the usage of reusable, bamboo products have been all over the place and it has been something that I've wanted to contribute for a while now.
I was browsing here in Aveiro when I found this little environmental friendly zero waste store that sells everything from beauty to kitchen cleaning supplies and even footwear.  It's adorable and it's called Rota das Cores.
 I entered the shop and decided to purchase the reusable cotton makeup removers since it's the main thing that I have been needing for a while now. Cotton pads are the item that every woman has to clean their skin either to remove makeup or as part of their skincare routine.
Since I used cotton pads for makeup and skincare, I decided that it was time to change.
 The product that I purchased is from a Portuguese brand called Mind the trash and the product is vegan, reusable, decomposable, plastic-free and the carton is also recyclable.
It cost me 6,80 € for 5 cotton pads.
 You can use the pads on both sides and wash them in the washing machine inside a net bag in temperatures between 30 and 40ºC. It is recommended to use fabric softener to ensure the softness of the pads.

This product is the beginning of my new zero-waste beauty quest! 
I also have started to use reusable bags for vegetables and fruits when I go grocery shopping.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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