Christmas in Dublin

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

Today, as I landed in Portugal for a few hours before leaving for Budapest, I wanted to share with you my Christmas in Dublin experience!

The streets of Dublin were gorgeous! They're very well decorated, and there were people everywhere! 
It felt so Christmassy, I can't explain!
The scenery was astonishingly gorgeous. This view is beautiful. 
This photo below is from a very cute café, near that river ,that we went to for a cappuccino, and yes, it was very delicious! 
Later that day, we went to the Guinness museum - obviously haha - which I found very interesting and fun! I believe that a lot of people don't live the tour very much, but I quite enjoyed it! I also have one planned for march for the Heineken in Amsterdam, and I hope that is just as fun as this one was hehe 
just look at these two mini pints of Guinness! So adorable!!
After the museum tour, we went for a little explore around the city, because is by walking that you discover the wonders of a city!
Later that night, we went to the Castle for the Christmas Market and let me tell you. It was gorgeous! It had such an amazing Christmas vibe! It made me very happy for Christmas! (I'm sorry for the quality of the photos, but they're from my Instagram Stories - which you can follow me, if you want, in the footnote below 😊 ) 

The next day we went on another exploration around town and went to our very first pub! The most famous one in Dublin of course! THE Temple Bar. The atmosphere was fantastic!
On Christmas Day, we just stayed home watching a lot of Netflix. It was amazing and just up our alley! Sitting at home, watching good movies and watching good series while having good food and amazing desserts as well!
Boxing day, was another exploring day! 

On that explore, we discovered the most adorable café with the most amazing decorations! That mirror made me fall in love! And they had the cutest cappuccino art! Just look at that cute bear!
Later that day, we went back to The Temple Bar, to say goodbye as that day was our last day. Why now end this Christmas Holiday with a little Irish culture? hehe, I'm joking, but that bar atmosphere was amazing and I really want to go back there.

Our last day, and remaining hours in Dublin were spent walking around the Dublin streets and we discovered a park where we walked and spent some quality time. 

And that's our Christmas in Dublin! 
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 Hope you enjoyed this post!



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