My Holiday’s Beauty Travel Essentials

So as you're reading this, I'm packing for my holidays away and decided to share with you what beauty products I'm bringing with me!
So for those who don't know, I'm going to spend Christmas in Dublin with my family and then I'm heading to Budapest for New Years. 
The products will be the same for both trips but for Budapest, I'll be packing a little bit more since I don't know what I want to wear for the New Year's party.
For Dublin, I'm going to bring some essentials, like the primer from Catrice, my foundation fro Kiko, two concealers, one from Catrice and another from Essense, an eyeshadow primer from Essense, the bronzer from Primark, the neutrals eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution, liquid eyeliner from Catrice, a mascara from Essence and two red lipsticks: one from Makeup Revolution and the other from Essense. It might be a lot for a couple of days but I found myself using these essentials every day!  

For Budapest, I'll be bringing the same makeup products but I'll be bringing along three more eyeshadow palettes since, as I said earlier, I don't know what look to do yet so I need to be prepared!
So, as well and the Makeup Revolution palette, I'm bringing with me, the Superbia Vol. 1 from Catrice Cosmetics and two palettes from Primark: the Velvet Rose and Nude Basics. 
Might not be the best palettes ever but I can make them work with the primers. 
As for beauty, I'm bringing the Kiko makeup remover, as well as an anti-acne-cleanser soap that I bought in an organic pop up shop in Algarve, and two white brands for moisturizer and exfoliant gel. I need to purchase skincare so badly but I can't seem to find some good and affordable so, as for a backup, I'm using these from Cosmia. I'm not very happy with them but for now, that's what I'm using until I purchase what I want.  

Hope you enjoyed this post!
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