Favourite Makeup Products of 2019

Hello and Happy 2020!

I still can't believe we're already in 2020! 
So as for the start of the new decade, I'm going to share with you the makeup products that I enjoyed throughout the year 2018.

Hope you enjoy the post and the products!
If you've been following me for a while now, you know that 2019 was a very important year for me since it was the year I decided to completely change the way I embrace the beauty industry and only purchase products that are cruelty-free, so all the products that I'm going to mention during this post are cruelty-free.
First, let's talk about skin. I've always had trouble finding a foundation/bb-cream/cc-cream that would look good on my skin. I believe that is was because of my oily skin type as well as my enlarged pores on my cheeks. So, I decided to try a primer that would reduce the pore size as well as mattifying my skin. That's when I discovered the Keep me Matte by Catrice Cosmetics. I really appreciated the way it made my skin feel and look when I applied the foundation and concealer after. 
For foundation, I really liked the Green Me BB-Cream from Kiko Milano. I don't have a lot of acne per se, but I have a lot of blacks heads because of my skin type and sometimes I feel that a high coverage foundation makes my skin very heavy and this product was a very good replacement.
For concealer, the Liquid Camouflage from Catrice Cosmetics was a purchase that I enjoyed a lot and repurchased a few times. Its high coverage and I used a lot under my eyes and did the job very well.
Lastly, this eyeshadow primer from Essence, the I ❤ Colour Intensifying was a purchase I've never thought a year ago. This year I started to do some experiences with eyeshadow looks and some of my eyeshadow palettes aren't the most pigmented and this really helped me learn and create some amazing and cute eyeshadow looks.
 For eyeshadow, these two palettes are the ones I used the most. 
The first palette is the Blazing' from w7, but some of you might know it as a dupe from Urban Decay. Of course, I would love to have the original one but as UD is an expensive brand I just can't afford so I bought this dupe and I really enjoyed it. 
I wanna say that they aren't very pigmented so you will definitely need an eyeshadow primer to be able to create some amazing looks with this palette. 
The second palette is the best one I bought, the Green Me Palette from Kiko Milano. I love everything about this palette. 
The colours, the pigments, the packing, everything! It's travel-friendly, the colours blend super well and you can create some gorgeous looks with these nine colours!
For eyes, let's talk about liquid eyeliners: my favourite product ever! I can't tell you how much I love wearing liquid eyeliner.
This year I discovered two that I absolutely adored.
The first is Eye'Matic from Catrice Cosmetics and the second is The Dip eyeliner (note: I can't find a link since it was a limited edition). Both are very similar in colour, application and duration. In my opinion, both are great and do the job very well, I'm very happy with both purchases.
The Get Big Lashes Mascara is probably the best mascara I used this year, and I've tried a few! This one applies the mascara very well, it stays for a very long time and I just wished it was waterproof! I can't tell you the times I cry-laughed and the mascara was running down my face. Nonetheless, the best one I tried this year for sure!
Finally, let's talk about lips!
Let's start with lip balm. I got this one Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Dr Organic in a pharmacy because I saw that the brand didn't test on animals and I was desperately trying to find a new lip balm since mine was old and disgusting. I love this one a lot and I'm very happy with my purchase,
I've always delt with dry lips and the one thing I hate about my lips is that when I use some lipsticks, you can see the dry skin and I honestly hate seeing that. So that's why I purchased this  Mango Lip Scrub from Barry M. It's very effective and very easy to use. The combo between these two products that I just showed you is perfect.
For lipsticks, I have three that I adored a lot.
First, the best colour I got from my colour pop bundle, the WYD. I love everything about this lipstick. The wearability, the colour.. I just think this is the perfect nude I ever bought in a very long time!
The only stick lipstick that I wore a lot is the Renaissance Classic from Makeup Revolution, which was the number one red lipstick I wore during Christmas time. I loved the wearability and the colour it gave my lips. Just perfect!
The last two products are both lipsticks from the Body Shop, the Nairobi Camellia, which is a pink matte shade and the Berry Glaze, which is a red matte with a little shimmer shade. 
Both these lipsticks are gorgeous and wore a lot by me. The red shade was used as a duo with the last red shade I talked about. I adored the colour and the way it looked on my lips. 
The pink shade was the colour I most used during the spring time.
These were the makeup products I adored during 2019!
Did you had any of these? I would to know what were yours"
Hope you enjoyed this post!

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