Hello Budapest!

Hello and Happy New 2020!
Hope that all of you had a blast celebrating the entry of the new decade!
I have a small fear of flying in planes, but for these last years, I've been conquering them step by step with some small trips.
In 2020, I have three more trips until Christmas, and I wish to conquer more fears!
If you've been following my Instagram, you might know I was in Budapest for New Years.
The city is amazing, the views and architecture are gorgeous!
I had an amazing time that I just can't describe in words!

It was the first time I've left Portugal for New Years and also my first time in Hungary. 
My friends and I decided to make plans to visit Budapest during this time around April/May.
For those who don't know, the city of Budapest is separated by a river that divides the Buda side from the Pest side. 

On our very first day, we were all tired and sleepy but decided to go on an adventure through the city and ended up climbing a small mountain with around 100 m height. It was very pretty and had hearts around the floor that were marking something. 
The weather was ok while we were there, it was always sunny but very cold! The temperatures averaged between -2 and 4 degrees.
We went to the thermal baths, which were a lot smaller than I had pictured in my head, but were good and very relaxing nonetheless. 
One thing that I have to say is that the city is so much prettier at night! 
All the lights are on and illuminate the buildings and give the city an astonishing look. 
I had so much fun exploring the city when after sunset.

We also went to a lot of museums and ice skating! I don't have any photos of me having a little trouble stabilizing my balance on the skates but you can see more on my Instagram highlights!

During the 31st of December, we went exploring more of Budapest, we went for "breakfast" in a well-known confectionery named "Ruszwurm" where I had this very delicious cake.

We also went to a place called "Labyrinth" which are some really cool and dark underground caves with history and a very dark atmosphere.
After that, we went on a cruise through the Danube River and it was fantastic. Listening to the story of the city while sipping on a beer was the thing that I never thought I would do!
So then it was time to party!
We were 13 staying in the house but sometime later, other people came to the house and we all celebrated the midnight together in the house. There was a lot of palinka ( a Hungarian alcoholic beverage), beer and dancing! After a while, we all went to a party in a nightclub where we stayed until the morning. I had the best time
Here's the outfit that I wore for the new year's party!
The skirt and shirt are from C&A, the black tights are from Primark and the shoes are from HM.
The next two days were to relax after the party, go ice-skating, and visit what we wanted to see before leaving the city.
Overall, I had an amazing time in Budapest! I was a little scared at first because I didn't know anything about the city and their culture but after the first day, everything was fine and I had so much fun exploring the city with my friends

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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