January Favourites

New Year, New Monthly Favourites!
I honestly still can't believe that 2020 is already here.. It seemed so far away!
I'm going to share with you a few bits and pieces that I loved during the month of january!
Hope you enjoy!
First, I'm going to start with this Bambu brush. I'm starting to change some of my toiletries to more environmentally friendly and this was a huge plus for me. The first one that I got I didn't enjoy very much but this one from Humble Brush has been amazing for me. It doesn't hurt my teeth and gums. I highly recommend!

I love this eyeliner from essense so much! I'm that type of girl that uses liquid eyeliner almost every day and I can't live without at least one in my makeup bag. I'm always experimenting with new makeup looks and sometimes I feel that eyeliner always complements the look. I find the application very easy and it lasts for a very long time. 
I discovered this product, the eyeshadow base from essence two months ago and since then has been with me in my makeup bag. 
It helps create a more pigmented eyeshadow look and for me, the results have been very positive. 

If you've been following me for a while now, you know how much I love this eyeshadow palette from Kiko Cosmetics Green Me collection. I love the colours, I love how pigment the shadows are, I love the creative ways I cant create an eyeshadow look with just these colours, the travel size.. I love everything about the palette.
This has been my salvation for a while now. This pure and clean milk&tone from Kiko Milano removes the makeup perfectly and I couldn't be more happy with the results and the product.
I've been using it almost every day and I only need a small portion to remove my makeup. Amazing!
I'm going to make a confession: I didn't use this nude matte lipstick from BarryM a lot during January but when I did use, I love it. The colour is fantastic, the application is amazing and the colour duration is marvellous. This is an amazing nude for winter and I couldn't be happier with this product. 
Lastly, probably the best thing I've ever purchased from Catrice Cosmetics! The Prime and Fine Anti shine fixing spray has been my best friend since I purchased the last Christmas! It fixes the makeup perfectly. The makeup lasts for a very long time and you don't need a lot of product for it to work, just a few sprays and you're done. I love it a lot. Also the product I highly recommend. 
Let me know in the comments below what you loved in January! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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