February Favourites

It's time for the monthly Favourites!
February ended yesterday meaning it's time to share with you the bits and pieces that I loved during this month.
I didn't try out new things this month so I don't have anything new to share with you, but nonetheless, I loved these four products!
Hope you enjoy!
First, let's talk about beauty!
 This Matte Me Up lip kit from Barry M was the number one lip product I used this month. 
I love the colour, I love the combo with the lip liner, I love the durability of the shade on my lips, I love everything!
I think is a perfect shade for this time of year where winter is fading away and spring is arriving!
Lastly is this Lush R&B hair moisturizer. Just amazing! The way it defines the curls is absolutely incredible. With a small amount, you can really have styled curls. Combining that with the wonderful smell, you have a five-star product.  
I got the opportunity to experience and try this new product from this brand called Origens Bio. They sent me six products, and this was one of them, the Natural Balance Crackers with Flaxseed
They honestly are amazing. I tried the three options and let me tell you that I loved the chia and flax seeds more than the plain one. Ideal for healthy snacks with no added sugar. 
Highly recommend! 
 Lastly, the best sunglasses I've ever owned. 
It was hard to achieve the perfect shot to show you the pink reflections on the glasses fo excuse me for the low-quality photo. 
I love these glasses so much that I can't describe in words. 
Even though I got them in the middle of December and been using ever since I decided to include them this month. 
And these are my favourites for this month!
Let me know in the comments below what you loved in February! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!



2 comentários

  1. Adorei a tua selecção, especialmente os óculos de sol.

    Maria Vieira

    1. Obrigada! :)
      Sim, os óculos também são os meus favoritos! Sempre quis ter uns e finalmente consegui heeh xx


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