Hello Amesterdam!

So I was recently in Amsterdam for three full days. The city is gorgeous and the way they live in the city is just fascinating. When people told me that there they're very passionate about their bicycles I honestly underestimated that! 
On the first day, we arrived in Amsterdam at 10 pm on the 4th of March, so we didn't explore. 
The next day, we had a lot planned with museums, so we went for brunch at this place called Bakers and Roasters, where I had these delicious banana and blueberries pancakes. Just wow!
The had the Heineken Experience planned for 10h30, where we learned the history of Heineken and how the brewery was formed. It was very similar to what I had experienced in Dublin in the Guinness Storehouse. 
After the Heineken experience, we took a boat around the canals and let me tell you, it is 100% worth it. The canals are gorgeous and it's a very unique way to go around the city.
The boat left us at the place where the A'dam Lookout is that has the best view of the Ij river. We thought that we had the swing part included in the ticket but unfortunately, we didn't so we didn't experience that. The view was good enough for me! 
One thing that I loved about this city is the fact that you can walk very easily. You don't have to walk up or down, the city is very flat so you can go exploring super easily, while admiring the gorgeous and astonishing views the city gives, especially around the canals. 
The main thing we did in the afternoon was the Anne Frank House Museum. I'm going to be honest, I've never read the book but I knew the story and was aware of the things that the book talked about. The visit was very emotional and very interesting and made me wanna read the book and learn even more about her. I honestly recommend. The only down of the visit was the number of people inside the very small space, but nonetheless, the experience was great. 
The day ended with rain, unfortunately, but we had an amazing time and dinner at a restaurant and we ended the day. 
The second day started with a 30-minute walk from our hotel to the city centre. We had a museum entry at 15h and we had a lot of time to kill, so we decided to go explore the city by foot and experience the shops and coffee shops.  
For lunch, we went to this café called Brecht that had a resident dog! The dog was so adorable and he even came to our table and sat down in the couch at our table.. so cute! 
I had this amazing lentil soup for lunch.. omg! I've never had one and I fell in love, it was so good!
After lunch, we visited the Rijksmuseum for almost three hours. There were three paintings from Van Gogh.   
After that, we adventured a little more and discovered accidentally the Red Light District ( I'll talk about it more later). 
 Our last full day started with another brunch, but this time at this place called Omelegg, which by the name you can guess the main dishes are omelettes. I didn't have the omelettes and went for a croissant instead. 
We decided that we wanted to have the full Amsterdam experience so we rented bikes for 1 hour and biked all around Vondelpark. And let me tell you, this park, was gorgeous! I had the best time riding the bike, and taking photos. I'm one of those people that can't ride a bike without hands so I was having trouble indicating to others where I was turning but in the end, it was fine. 
We finished the biking experience, and went for food at a Portuguese restaurant and continued to explore and finish any shopping we had to. 
We met with some friends that coincidently were also in Amsterdam and we went to the Red Light District, and I gotta be honest. It wasn't at all what I was expecting! For some reason, I was thinking of a large road with some little side roads with the women on the windows. I found it more interesting the way it actually is. It really is a district with a lot of roads and it extends for a while. Here you can find all sort of things: museums, the windows with the women inside, sex shops, casinos, live sex performances, and some more.  
We went to the Erotic Museum, which was interesting actually. It had a lot of interesting stuff including some erotic drawings made by John Lennon. 
After our visit, we went to our hotel, where we ordered some dinner and packed our bags.
 At that was it! My visit to the city of Amsterdam. I honestly loved the city and can't wait to come back!
Have you ever been to this city? 
 Hope you enjoyed this post!



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