Lush R&B Hair Moisturiser

Ever since I've become a person that's conscious about the beauty world and tries to reduce the number of products that harm animals and aren't cruelty-free from my life, I've always wanted to try the beauty products from Lush. They're a little pricey but maybe they're worth it? 
On today's post, I bring you a review of a product for curly hair, the R&B Hair Moisturizer

This product was a gift from my best friends on my birthday! I was so excited to try something from LUSH for my curly hair! I've been trying a lot of different types of products for curly hair in order to help them be more defined. 

This product hair moisturizer is formulated towards people with curly hair.

The product isn't tinted, being this white pearled colour and has a very intense smell! At first, I wasn't so sure about it but the more I used it, the more I treasured the scent. 
The way to use it is by rubbing a small amount between hands and work into wet or dry hair. This hair moisturizer is also very gentle for skin or scalp sensitivities!

In my opinion, the product delivers good repair and shine damaged curly hair. It controlled the frizzed ends of my hair and helped define the curls. 
Formulated with all-natural ingredients, like avocado jasmine and cupuaçu butter. It's free of any parabens, silicones, sulfates or mineral oils!
I took this selfie after I used the product and you can see the curls on my hair!
Overall, I love this product! Smells good, helps moisturize the hair and give the curls some definition, and it's cruelty-free!
Have you ever used any Lush Product for your hair?

 Hope you enjoyed this post!



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